Linden #2

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After coming to dig up the first Linden in a spot outside of a corn field, I stumbled (almost) across this one. It already had better movement, structure, taper, you name it, from the first Linden. It was also coming out of the ground, I decided.


I realized that Linden’s are now one of my favorite deciduous species. They grow very well, are quite resilient to collecting and old branches are flexible. This could also be a bad point though as the branches will most likely spring back if the wire isn’t allowed to bite in slightly.

Since this grew so well, I also thought it would be safe to style it. Normally one should do the first styling after two growing seasons with deciduous.


I styled this one more in the ‘naturalistic style’ that Walter Pall describes and many of his trees follow this style. I am sure he…

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Brazilian raintrees and senescence

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Here’s the word of the day: senescence. Here’s the tree of the day: Brazilian raintree.

When we think of senescence we usually think of deciduous trees. Not huge, tropical canopied, thorny and dangerous Brazilian raintrees.Senescence happens to all trees. Even junipers and pines. Those third year needles that you clean off a pine? If you left them they’d turn brown and fall off. That old browning scale foliage on a juniper? Same thing.

What a trunk huh?

And those thorns I was talking about.I have to stick my hand in there.

Here’s another BRT you should be familiar with.

It’s got some yellow leaves too. And no matter how much water I give it it seems to be droopy all the time.

Sad looking.

But it’s not sick. See that new bud?Some trees, both tropical and broadleaf evergreen, have a hard time shedding old foliage and you…

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Hollywood juniper carving and styling

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Have you ever seen a tree that you wanted to work on but, unfortunately, wasn’t yours?
When I first saw this tree I knew I would own it one day.
The back story:
Believe it or not, the tree was purchased from Jim Smith, in Vero Beach.
It was picked up by the Central Florida Bonsai Club for a possible demo in the future.
Well, it was cut back and allowed to fill in a bit. A few years later the board decided to have Mike Rogers give a demo on it.
Here is the tree after it was auctioned off (which, as I said, I won)
I got it for the deadwood.
I am a carver (if you didn’t know) and
I think that a tree needs deadwood to look old…among other things.
And the amount of possible carving and deadwood on this juniper was enough to give me…

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Specimen Crepe Myrtle progression

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This is a beast of a tree.
I collected it last year from a friends yard. It’s a crepe myrtle that probably started out as a multi-trunk that fused as it grew. Which is a pretty common landscape practice here in Orlando. They root so easily a grower only has to stick 4 or five, inch-thick branches in a pot and let it grow. That’s a good business (Only if the housing market is good, I should add, so start growing them now to be ready for the rebound) to be in to supply housing contractors. (Maybe I’ll do that..hhmmnn)

These four photos above (courtesy of Nick Alpin, photog extraordinaire)
Are the official “before” pics. (I entered this in a contest. I didn’t win)
The crepe is a deciduous tree that grows very quickly. It heals over wounds very well (it won’t heal this one though.)

This is the date…

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Total Crepe Myrtle Redesign

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This tree doesn’t look bad. I’ve been growing it for 4 or 5 years. It always gives good fall color.

But I think it could look better. The best time to do one of these assessments is when the leaves have dropped and its time to repot. This is when you can best compare new pots, potting angle etc. and decide what branches to chop off.

The rear


The left


And the right

What can we do to tweak it?
I’ve always felt that it was a little unbalanced. And no matter how much I moved the branches I just couldn’t fix it.
It has great movement as is but it just doesn’t seem right.
Let me stew on it a bit while I do some research.
Lagerstroemia indica. Crepe myrtle. Or, as some like to write it, crape. The common name comes from the crepe-paper like flowers. It is…

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