Another Ponderosa Revisit-

Michael Hagedorn

Last week we did a promised revisit of a Ponderosa Pine that was styled a few years ago…this week let’s do an unpromised one.


Ponderosa Pine as it came into the yard, or rather about five months later, if I remember right.

In the fall of that year, we styled the tree. I’d like to reiterate the point from the last blog post about water-retentive soils and how that can create extenuated growth. This tree was growing in peat and bark in addition to lava, which can certainly work—the tree is alive and growing—but the uptick in water and fertilizer from such a soil created long, twisted needles. Compare this with the next photo.


23″ / 58 cm. Shorter, straighter needles in a volcanic mix. It’s not that you can’t achieve this with other soils, it’s just my observation that it’s harder to get these results. For the last three…

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