Getting all potted up.


Bonsai pots complete a composition and compliment the overall design of a tree. Much more than merely a vessel for a plant, they are an art in themselves. With so many choices, shapes and colours one can get lost for hours looking at pots in a studio or online. I sure do.

This little 80 page booklet, Introduction To Bonsai Pots, is published by The American Bonsai Society. It has been a helpful tool in learning more about types of pots, how they’re made, where they come from and even has a gallery of chop marks to help identify a pots origins. Don’t judge this book by its cover. It’s available through


Finding anything from training pots to show quality pots has been a challenge for me here in Vancouver. There seems to be very few bonsai shops or local sources. Having pots shipped is an option…

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The Royal Ficus is Sick…

The Ficus Guy

I realize now that I never made a post about this tree, so here’s a two-parter. I bought this Ficus from Scott Lee (Blue River Bonsai) on Facebook back in August. I call it the “Royalty Ficus” because it was once in Suthin’s Royal Bonsai Garden.

Here’s the tree as it was back when I bought it:

Majestic, right? Well, it was doing well for a little bit, but then began to go downhill. As you can see, it was full of leaves. Those began to fall off until the leaves were toward the ends of the branches only. It got too cold outside, so I brought it in and set it under a T5. It still fussed and dropped leaves. I noticed the soil was staying consistently wet, so I gave it a small repot.

After noticing that that didn’t really help either, I changed things up. The tree…

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Bonsai Hotel

Becoming is Superior to Being

bonsi-hotel-blogBonsai Hotel — Image by kenne

“Remember, when moving, 
There is no place that doesn’t move. 
When still, 
There is no place that isn’t still.

First seek extension, then contraction; 
Then it can be fine and subtle.

It is said,
If others don’t move, 
I don’t move.

If others move slightly, 
I move first.” 

Source: Unknown

camellia-1-of-1-art-blogA Recent Addition from Kathy & Bob, a Camellia Bonsai — Image by kenne

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