Saving a 100+ Years Old Rhodie


Rhododendrons are abundant here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve got them in my yard.  I like them especially when the flower for about 2 weeks in the spring.   Most of the time though, they just sit there as shrubs in the background and there’s nothing too special about them.  When I get a call to save a rhodie from their yard I would typically turn it down unless it’s got a special character or uniqueness to it.  Not long ago, I got that call from my brother who is a contractor.  He is remodeling an old house for my aunt that will be flipped.   They want to get rid of a very large rhodie in the front because it’s blocking the front of the house and frankly making the house look small (not very good for reselling) so they want to get rid of the rhodie.  What rhodie will make a house…

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