Spirit Garden.

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On Korea’s Jeju Island there’s a small garden devoted to the ancient art of bunjae, known in the west by the Japanese name of bonsai. The garden began in 1963 when Seong Beomyeong bought a piece of wasteland and began the process of converting it into one of the world’s top gardens. The garden was opened in 1992 under the name Bunjae Arpia and then later it became Spirit, or Spirited Garden.

It was raining during our visit which may have been a good thing as it meant there were fewer visitors to disturb the peace of the garden. There were informational signs throughout the garden in both Korean and English and it was worthwhile to stop and read them, although it should be noted that these are the personal opinions of the gardener.

Doing a little background research shows that the Chinese developed the art of penjing, creating miniature…

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