Linden #1

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I had this picture up recently but I thought it suitable to stick it in this post again


It survived collection and the growing season well so I wanted to go ahead and style it. I originally chopped this tree back in the spring of 2015 because I really wanted a Linden but after coming back a year later, I realized this wasn’t really that great. I decided to take it anyway and see if I could create something out of it.

Having some time to glance at the structure throughout the growing season I thought that I could try something a bit different. I decided to try and style it like a real Linden, but one that isn’t over 500 years old. More like a Linden that’s around 80-100 in the park or by the road, the more common Linden.


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My workshop trees


p1200896 Munster bonsai holds its last workshop of the year on the 10th and 11th of december.this is a scots pine that i got from kaizen is due a rewire and a bit of a shape.i have some wire put already.

dav This is a potentilla that i collected about two years ago.the flowers are white.this will be its first shaping.

dav It has a fairly large trunk for a potentilla.i will post pics when they are finished,cheers

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