Doing It Wrong #1

Bonsai Iterate

How does a guy spend twenty years with bonsai and still feel like a beginner? By doing it wrong! I have been doing things wrong for so long, I’m an expert! LEARN FROM ME!

I have not laid out any sort of plan for sharing my misdoings (ironically, as you will see in a moment) but I am going to move forward confident that putting a “#1” in the title will be the right path. There could, no doubt, be many of these. So, what is number 1?
I never refined a tree!

The experts do address this issue, in a way. I would distill the related ideas into two statements:

  1. Every tree is in training.
  2. A tree can’t always be show ready.

The problem is, I took these ideas to the extreme and for two decades never even tried to get a tree to a refined state. What’s worse…

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