Bunjin Ponderosa Update

Michael Hagedorn

A couple years ago I did a post on a Ponderosa Pine bunjin, and I promised an update down the road. Here’s the ‘What became of that tree?’ post…


This is where we started with the Ponderosa Pine in 2013, after some trunk cleanup and lime sulfuring. The long, twisted needles are the result of over-watering (Oil-Dri, which this tree is potted in, exacerbates this problem.) Longer needles can also result from over-fertilizing and lack of sun. Compare this with the final photo.


After styling, from our selected front.


And a couple years later, in a pot, 32″ / 81 cm. The tree looks larger with shorter needles, doesn’t it? There are buds developing as well, and with the upcoming ramification the needle length will reduce further still.

Check out the first post of this tree’s styling:


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