Nordstrom Tree


Around 2007 my landscape company did a project for one of the Nordstrom brothers in Medina.  To date this is probably the largest landscape project I’ve done since going full time with my business.  They were building a new home at a water front property with some very mature trees.  Except for a few trees, most of the trees were going to be cut down and composted.  One those trees is this dogwood tree that is very healthy but badly pruned.  I decided to take a gamble and saved it.  Planted it in the ground and just let it grow for about 6-7 years.

It continued to be healthy and thrived and it would have been an awesome tree as a landscape tree  but I think it will be even more amazing as a large bonsai tree.  And so that’s what I decided to do.  In 2012, I experimented cutting back…

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