Birding and Botany in the Darling Hills

Wings and Wilderness

Last week a group of us headed out to the Darling Hills on a road trip filled with birding and botany. The Western Cape never fails to amaze me with its charming destinations and endless secrets. The day yielded a lifer (Curlew) and four new species for my birding year list. On top of this we were treated to an unbelievable variety of plant species with diverse morphologies.

Along the Darling Flower Route 

dsc_6731 The upside down blooms of Albuca flaccida

I was enchanted by these tiny purple flowers that belong to a Diasca sp. If you look closely they appear to each contain a tiny orange-snouted dragon whose head and neck rear out from the depths of the bloom.

dsc_6743 Diasca sp.

We were very excited to find at least three Babiana ringens plants on the trip. This fascinating species has a very peculiar flower structure and at a glance it is difficult to determine the…

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