Winter has come to Scotland

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

The night time temperatures have plummeted in my part of Scotland this week to around -5 degrees C., heralding an early start to our winter. I still have some trees outside but they will all have to come inside today.

Here is a photograph of one of my Scots Pines, which I took this morning. It will give you an idea of the conditions that the trees are putting up with at the moment.


Remarkably, this Kiyohime maple, which has been in the greenhouse for about a month is still managing to cling on to its’ Autumn colour. It’s the last of my deciduous trees to do so.


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Making A Round Mame Stand



I have always wanted to make one of these round mame stands for trees, wire trees or stones. Most of the ones I have seen are made with poor joinery and poor painted finish on them.

I was finally asked by a client to make one so I took my time and did it.

First, I drew the whole stand full size on a board.


Next, I knew the part that would take some thinking to produce would be the rings. Since they are made from 4 pieces, I wanted them to be strong so I used a “lap joint” to connect them. It was a little tricky as the joint has to be at a certain degree to make a tight joint.


But finally, they were done!


Next was making the box (the easy part for me).


I made a piece of molding I mitered to make the feet…

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Japanese White Pine #3

bonsai balcony brno

I am late also to post this as it’s been a month since I finished the styling. I bought this tree at 40% off, which is a bargain so I jumped into this species for the 3rd time.

img_1365 This was what I thought could be the front

This is how the tree looked when I bought it, nebari isn’t great and neither is the movement but for a bargain I had to buy it. Great bark, quite a fat trunk as well as healthy looking foliage and full of roots to boot, convinced me that I would like to repot in the spring. If I want to repot in the spring though could mean that I have to wait another year to design it. After consulting Mr. Pavel Slovak I decided to risk the largest sum of money that I have ever thrown at a tree and style it aggressively.

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