Part II: Beech Design Puzzle

michael hagedorn

Well, then. This is where we made the cut on the beech tree…


…to the first strong leader that continues a flowy trunk line.


Tony in a festive mood.


The new leader continues the flow of the trunk. In a couple years it too will be removed. Then the decision will have to be made whether to repeat the process, cutting to a new leader, or to begin keeping the top restrained and create a canopy. I think this tree will only get better, given its faults, if we do the process as least once more. One of my core beliefs with a tree that has faults like this is to grow it into the next size larger bonsai. Literally, grow it out of its problems.

dsc_0935If we had cut to one of the smaller, weaker branches below the leader, we would have lost about a year of momentum in…

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