Bonsai in India

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

Bonsai in India is not so well-known internationally. Not yet anyway, but it might change. I have just returned from a great trip doing private demonstration and workshops in Pune. That is about 160 km south-east of Mumbai in the Maharashtra district.


There is a long tradition for bonsai in India, but for some reason this has not reached out internationally like Japan and China. The three behind my invitation is Prajakta Kale, Kamini Johari and Sucheta Avadhani. They run the bonsai project Bonsai Namaste, that can be translated to Welcome Bonsai. In 2018 a very big bonsai event is planned, bringing in bonsai artists from Japan, Europe, US i.e. including  my self. That event will be followed closely here and on Facebook of course. It will be great I am convinced, attracting people internationally.


This trip was a mix of bonsai demonstrations, a workshop and consulting about the international event taking…

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Part II: Beech Design Puzzle

michael hagedorn

Well, then. This is where we made the cut on the beech tree…


…to the first strong leader that continues a flowy trunk line.


Tony in a festive mood.


The new leader continues the flow of the trunk. In a couple years it too will be removed. Then the decision will have to be made whether to repeat the process, cutting to a new leader, or to begin keeping the top restrained and create a canopy. I think this tree will only get better, given its faults, if we do the process as least once more. One of my core beliefs with a tree that has faults like this is to grow it into the next size larger bonsai. Literally, grow it out of its problems.

dsc_0935If we had cut to one of the smaller, weaker branches below the leader, we would have lost about a year of momentum in…

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