Learnings from a Bonsai


DSC_0091Having a plant in my room is something that I always thought of, but seeing them die every season left me empty. How cool would it be, if you have a plant that outlives you and probably the next generation too! Something small, which would stay with you, no matter where you move. A ‘pet’ plant.

It was Earth day and I decided to do something about it. Having seen my parents grow Bonsai’s in the garden, I made up my mind that I want one too.

So here I was, standing in front of the Bonsai shop not knowing what to buy. Looking through all the plants and noticing their strong trunks, fascinated to see how they have weathered with time. Their roots fighting with in that limited space, wanting to break free.

I chose one which would fit my budget and also survive with my limited care. I introduced my…

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