8 Tips For Bonsai Plants Care

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Are you confused about how to care and maintain your bonsai tree? Well, here in this article I have covered the basic steps of bonsai plants care. If you are a beginner, then I am sure you will have tonnes of questions about how to maintain and care your beloved bonsai. I can tell you from my personal experience, you will be overwhelmed by the contents available in internet.

So here I have tried to cover 8 basic questions that every bonsai gardener will have. This infographics will be a good reference for beginners. It gives you step by step instructions for beginners on how to grow and maintain bonsai trees.

1. How and when to water my bonsai?

Understanding how and when to water a bonsai is the most toughest part of bonsai tree care. Each plant is unique and water demand is different. It also varies based on…

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