What shall you do with a ginseng ficus?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Look at them.
They’re tempting, aren’t they?
This is the tree that seems to be supplanting the juniper as the official “mallsai”
We call it the “ginseng” ficus, although
it really has nothing to do with ginseng. I believe it’s just a seedling ficus microcarpa that has been treated, horticulturally, to look as it does.

Why do I believe this? I’ve grown one out and it’s developed a standard, ficus-ish trunk

So how did I get there?
First, watch this music video I made so there’s a sound track running through your head.
Got it? Good.
My discovery was somewhat accidental, actually.
I picked up two of these ficus at The Walmart about 3-4 years ago. I got them for $1 apiece (believe it, or not) on the clearance shelf.
They were in 4 inch pots. One I put into a shallow red clay pot and put it up…

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