How many times have you heard someone call a bonsai a “Frankentree”? 

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Pretty impressive, right? At least the base. One of the anthems of my day, when I was young and idealistic, frames this trees proportions with élan and grace…..”Baby’s got back!” That’s why we are even looking at it, to be honest. It’s one of those ficus benjamina office trees that got put outside several years ago and forgotten.

It’s a little bit taper challenged.I’m in West Palm at my client Greg’s house. He just purchased the place and part of the purchase, I mean, actually in the contract, was this tree. I think it raised the selling price even. You read that right. Greg told the real estate agent that if the tree wasn’t part of the sale, there was no sale. Nope. Nada. No commission.
All the beginners out there are scratching their collective heads wondering what in the hell is wrong with Greg. Don’t worry, it’ll…

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