Deadwood bending, trial by fire

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Let me stand next to your FIRE!

Recently, I was tasked with some juniper carving. Usually one does that with a pair of Jin pliers and maybe an exacto knife. But ain’t nobody got time for that now. And I like my power tools and playing with fire (I mean, who doesn’t, right?). Besides, once the wood on a juniper is dried out, that whole beaver carving technique doesn’t work. Not that it usually ends up well in most cases anyway. Give me a rotary tool and some carbide burrs any day.

We have a stump. Or two actually.

You’ve seen me bend wet, newly made deadwood with a torch before (basically, by heating up the new, still green, wet branches, you are boiling the sap and releasing the tension in the cell walls, which allows you to bend a branch. Then by cooling it quickly, you set that branch…

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