Part I: Beech Design Puzzle

michael hagedorn

This Japanese Beech, Fagus crenata, has been growing in a box for several years. It had some large cuts low on the trunk that needed to be less apparent, and the only way to do that really well is to grow a larger trunk. So…we grew the top of this tree vigorously, which allowed for some significant trunk caliper to build. Now we’ve a decision to make, though…

The puzzle this time is where to cut back the extension. Take a look at these photos—I tried to give you some views of that area where the cut will likely be made. And next week we’ll do a post of where we made the cut.


Japanese Beech in a grow box, to build structure in the tree and minimize some of its faults, like the lower trunk scars.


These four photos show the top of the beech. The question is…

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2016 Autumn Japan Bonsai Exploration– Part 3

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


Daiju-en Bonsai Garden in Okazaki, Japan, is one of the most famous bonsai gardens in Japan because of the historical contributions of the Suzuki family. Established by Saichi Suzuki in the early 1900s the garden continued with his son Toshinori’s leadership. Now son and grandson Toru Suzuki operates the garden.


Saichi Suzuki is responsible for the introduction and developmental techniques for the Zuisho Japanese five-needle pine. He wrote a 32 series article, which I had translated for International BONSAI several decades ago. This article describes, in detail, how Zuisho was discovered, propagation methods and techniques Mr. Suzuki experimented with. Also information is shared on growing pine bonsai. Mr. Suzuki discovered many of the techniques for pine bonsai, now standard practice around the world.


Japanese black pine created by Daichi Suzuki.


He is also responsible for the introduction and popularization of the Princess persimmon. I remember seeing the “original” Princess persimmon…

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