Auction Acquisition-A Hornbeam Progression

Michael Coopers Studio

This year our Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club  held it’s second auction following the success of last year’s event, it was an entertaining  evening with the chance of some bargains in the waymy-hornbeam of all things bonsai. Much of that success was down to our auctioneer, Club President JohnTrott of Mendip Bonsai Studio, who endeavoured to extract every last possible pound from our pockets as much of the proceeds were to go to our club funds .

Sitting in the front row only a few feet from John’s table I felt it was my duty to get the bidding going with a opening bids to speed things up, well knowing that all the lots would eventually finish well beyond that first figure.

Well that was my intention and things went pretty well, that pregnant pause waiting for bids to start I nudged along a number of times and things moved rapidly on. Items soared away…

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