Part II: Shore Pine Design Puzzle

michael hagedorn

Thank you all for sending in your design thoughts about this curious and complicated pine. There were some excellent designs. It is a truism about bonsai design that removing one thing often necessitates the removal of other things, in order to retain visual balance. And with pruning away overly long and repetitive branching we begin that process.

Almost everyone chose to retain the multiple crown feeling of this tree, and I think that’s the best beginning.

Here are a few photos of what we did with it…


Here’s the front we chose. Although the front from this side has a slight pigeon breast, coming toward the viewer, that pigeoning adds boldness, and structurally this side had better possibilities for apices and spacial placement of branching. Now to make sense of it by pruning…


Here we are removing one of the branches that could have been used as a final leader…

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