Part I: Shore Pine Design Puzzle

michael hagedorn

In the past I’ve done a series of posts about one tree’s styling, and that’s what we’ll do with this tree here. But this time I’d like you offer you some head scratching…

I used this Shore Pine, Pinus contorta subsp. contorta, as a design puzzle for several of my Fall Seasonal sessions, and had students discuss the merits of design choices: Various forks in the road, so to speak, where cutting off one branch or choosing a particular front would necessitate other decisions to retain balance. So…I’m offering 4 photos of this tree, 4 different sides of it, with a similar proposition for all of you. Come up with what you would do with it (individually that is…), and then I’ll have a follow up post in a few days with photos of what I did with the tree in the real-world, non-virtual styling here at Crataegus Bonsai.

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