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Sunday Session #5: Discovering The Art of Bonsai…

Eliza Darcy

For as long as I’ve had access to a driver’s licence and local plant stores or my Grandparent’s patch of the backyard, I have always been a fan of the secret or rather not so secretive community behind the art of Bonsai.

The art of Bonsai and what it represents can be stated as being simplistic and yet, I find it to be incredibly detailed and dedicated to each and every creation. Whether it’s the art, dedication of each taker as they tenderly love and care for each plant as they twist, turn, trim and train each bonsai to be one of utter perfection; I have always found peace at knowing once upon a time these beautiful specimens weren’t so beautiful.

Upon discovering that Brisbane Botanical Garden located at the base of Mount Coot-tha had a bonsai garden, I had my own version of a Kristen Bell moment minus the…

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