Saying goodbye to a favorite tree

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Some of my loyal and longtime readers know that, for the last one year and eleven months (yes, I am counting) I’ve been battling a unique health issue with my digestive system (my colo-rectal surgeon says I am a unique case that her and her colleagues have never seen. My case study was even presented to a symposium of colo-rectal surgeons. I am an oddity and atypical. Up until her saying that, it’s only been the psychiatrists who’ve classified me in that way….) I still have several surgeries left in that battle but, in a kind of memorial, I’d like to share a casualty that happened way back in December 2014 because of my struggles. My favorite shohin ilex vomitoria “schillings”. The tree on display at the 2014 Bsf Convention

The tree had many of the qualities we seek in bonsai… This was a photo Paul Pikel took

….a wide…

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