Backtracking – 18 Sep 2016 Workshop

Our Hon President, Frank Mepham, kindly hosted the Cascade Workshop for members.  The weather was good, enabling the event to be held outdoors in the large, mature garden which has some huge fruit trees.  Frank is well-known in bonsai circles||.  Largely self-taught, he had the opportunity to experiment over the years when a family member, working on a local estate, was able to supply him with… Continue reading Backtracking – 18 Sep 2016 Workshop

Saying goodbye to a favorite tree

Originally posted on Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog:
Some of my loyal ?and longtime readers know that, for the last one year and eleven months (yes, I am counting) ?I’ve been battling a unique health issue with my digestive system ?(my colo-rectal surgeon says I am a unique case that her and her colleagues have never seen. My case study was even presented to… Continue reading Saying goodbye to a favorite tree

Larches on the cheap

Originally posted on Michael Coopers Studio:
Earlier this year in January I went quite mad and bought seven bare rooted Larches from a nursery in Northern Ireland for the princely sum of £9.49, my wild extravagance also extended to two Yews and a Blackthorn, the total cost  being about twenty three pounds including  postage and packing. The Yews and the Blackthorn are now in large pots to let them grow on,… Continue reading Larches on the cheap