Tree Perspective Details – European Bonsai San Show 2016

rené becerril

This post shows the amazing details of the trees that impressed me the most at the European Bonsai San Show held in Saulieu, France in October 2016.

Whether it is deadwood, bark, foliage, flowers, nebari, moss, a pot, a fruit, an accent plant, a branch I try to show diverse elements of the compositions by varying the perspective views and deepness that one could not appreciate by just looking at a picture showing the tree in its front view, especially for the people that did not have the fortune to attend this great show.

My intention with this post is that the viewer can immerse himself in the intricacies that make these trees so special and stand out.

I beg for an apology to the bonsai artists or owners of these trees for not showing their bonsais in full, but there are and will be many posts in the web…

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