Carolina Bonsai Expo photos pt. 1

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
Over the next couple weeks, some shots from the Carolina Bonsai Expo, held October 8-9, 2016 in Asheville, NC. First up, my club, the Alabama Bonsai Society, photo credits to Ron Dennis and Eric Group. Full display. ?The intent was to use the hinoki cypress in the middle to support 2 displays; a 5-point shohin using the three trees, and… Continue reading Carolina Bonsai Expo photos pt. 1

Larry Jackel

Originally posted on Bonsai Iterate:
Fantastic morning session with the Northern Virginia Bonsai Society. We had the priveledge of hearing from Larry Jackel, Colorado bonsai expert and Rocky Mountain tree collector.? I sat next to a “potential new member” who became a definite new member as a result of the quality of the information Larry provided. Society meetings really are a fantastic way to grow… Continue reading Larry Jackel

A Party in Five Photos, The Drunken Literati

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Let’s have us a quickie! I’ll let that above phrase tickle your funny bone…a bit…. Release your creative juices….. Stimulate your mind….. We are talking about a conocarpus erectus…..after all I could last… all day with the double entendres but I promised you a quickie. Alrighty then, first pic:a Florida buttonwood, conocarpus erectus, looks like a… Continue reading A Party in Five Photos, The Drunken Literati