A Black Harrier along Swart River Road?

Hermanus Bird Club

The Club’s monthly morning outing will be a drive along Karwyderskraal and Swart River Road on Thursday 6 October, led by Mike Ford.

This area usually produces a good variety of birds, including raptors, bustards, cranes, waterbirds, cisticolas, pipits and larks.

Raptors regularly seen there, include Jackal Buzzard (Rooibors-jakkalsvoël), Steppe Buzzard (Bruin-jakkalsvoël), Yellow-billed Kite (Geelbekwou), and Black-shouldered Kite (Blouvalk). Less often seen are Black Harrier (Witkruis-vleivalk), Visarend (African Fish-eagle), and Secretarybird (Sekretarisvoël).

This outing is restricted to Club members. Those wanting to go, must book with Mike at 028 316 4790 or 082 784 9098. This is for the purpose of better planning, to avoid a long convoy of cars where those at the back see very few birds.

We meet at the Onrust Trading Post to depart at 07:00.

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