I make a fig weep……

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Behold, yonder tree, sitting on yonder table, shaking in anticipatory dread for the tortuous and barbaric bonsai techniques that soon will be practiced upon it.Verily, it’s naming, the Weeping Fig, shall prove true today.Ficus Benjamina, or, as many a bonsai elite likes to call it, “that piece of junk”.

This tree belongs to a client, and it was her dad’s tree before. My job today is to repot, refine, and re-dress the wounds.

The lessons:

Respect for the tree and it’s history.

Pruning and dressing wounds (I know I talked about that with the tamarind but I need to revisit it. You’ll learn why)

Now, I kinda teased on the social media interwebs that perhaps I’d be brutalizing and cutting up this poor tree.If Iwere that brazen in my chop lust, a vile tree abuser, a hack, perhaps I’d cut it about here:But then, I…

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