Winter Prep

The Ficus Guy

Howdy folks!

Long time, no post. I know, I’m sorry. But look, here’s a new post! About winter preparation!

So I’ve got quite the dilemma. I’ve got a lot of trees with a lot of foliage that need to come indoors. Seriously, check this out:


The big guy up front in the first picture is a natalensis that desperately needs a trim. The leaves are huge and it’s so overgrown. However, I don’t have any scissors at the moment (old pair is no bueno), so I need to go pick up a pair of garden pruners from the local box store. Then I’ll try to root all the cuttings and fuse them together to create a small, but powerful tree.

How am I growing this year? Same way as last year, with LEDs.


These are RapidLED Onyx grow lights. With only two of them, there isn’t enough light. I’ll need…

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It’s Over!

Bonsai Eejit

Time to reflect and recover from what was a very successful weekend at the NIBS Bonsai 30 Exhibition.

The club has loads of photos to follow in a few days and these are being added to the Bonsai 30 Webpage as we go. Check in there to see some now but more to be added soon.

Here are a few of my own trees from the exhibition. It’s not until you get time to sit and look that you realise that tweaking was required after transportation to the event, a few branches knocked out of place. Not that I would have had time to sort them at any rate. I think that would be my main disappointment over the weekend, not getting enough time to really look at the trees on display and walk around with friends. I think we had roughly 18,000 through the event over the 2 days and…

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