Tools to your success.

Bonsai Boy

Like and artist or craftsmen. Tools are essential to creation, and training of bonsai. There are many tools on the market that cater to beginners all the way to bonsai experts and masters. I will touch on the basic set of tools needed in order to get started on your way.

Pruning and Cutting Tools

Good tools can be expensive and cheaper tools are of poor quality. It is always better to go with quality tools than to deal and suffer with cheap tools.

When selecting the right type of tools think about the tree you will be working with. Large trees require big strong tools, while smaller trees would require a more delicate and smaller tools.  Here is a list of some of the basics need of pruning and cutting

Cutting and pruning

  • Concave Cutter
  • Spherical Cutter
  • Trimming Shears both long and short handle.
  • Cut Paste and Would sealant


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