Acer buergerianum

Herbarium California Gardens

Botanical Name: Acer buergerianum

Phonetic: Aye-ser Byur-ger-AYE-num

Common Name(s): Trident Maple

Family: Sapindaceae/Aceraceae (formerly)
Origin: Eastern China, Japan, Korea
Plant Type: Tree
Persistence: Deciduous

LeafType: Simple, three-lobed
Leaf Color: Glossy green above and pale green beneath
Fall color: Dark red and orange
Texture: Medium
Density: Dense
Bloom Season: Spring/April-May
Flower Color(s): Yellow-greenish flowers/insignificant

Exposure: Full sun to part shade
USDA: 5-9
Climate Zone(s): 1-7, 14-17
Growth Rate: Slow                                      
Height: 20-30 Feet
Spread: 20-30 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Soil: Average, medium moisture, well-drained
Pest/Diseases: No serious problems

Features: Low maintenance, tolerates air pollution, good fall color, tolerates some drought, exfoliating bark
Uses: Shade tree, street tree, bonsai

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