Ficus Maximus 2: Dark Side of The Nook

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Love that trunk, love the tree.

You remember it from April, right?This post? And like that post, it seems I have a beer at my right hand again, funny that. It’s been several months and the tree is ready for round two.

Here’s the tree, denuded. Fancy new word for y’all to add to your repertoire of horticulture terminology. Use it often, it means to remove a trees leaves. Hurricanes do this, as well insects. And cocky bonsai artists like myself.

Here’s the tree in April, after the initial styling.We’ve got tertiary branches.We have sufficient wire scarring too.This, as I keep saying and am still getting flack for, is what is needed to keep that branch in place.

It looks bad but, it is a ficus, it will grow out. The whole theory of wiring is that, by wrapping a wire around a branch, be…

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