Snoozing in the shade of a banyan

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You remember this tree?It made an appearance earlier this year in a post calledTime of the Ficus, in which I not only gave a pretty good breakdown of wiring using proper anchors but also presented a thoughtful essay on the idea of defoliation as a horticultural technique in bonsai. Got in trouble for that last bit. Oops.Anyway, I’ve let this one grow since then. As you can see.

First lesson: if’n you want trees to grow, fertilize. If you want fast fertilizer uptake and quick growth, use synthetic. If you want to control the growth more, and be able to keep up with it, go organic.

If you have a ficus and it’s summer and the rainy season in Florida, all you need to do is waft the smell of fresh turned dung in its direction- it will grow. Truly, there’s no such thing as dwarfing…

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