Ginseng and S-curve ficus Rogues gallery

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Firstly, I’d like to thank you for reading past the title and at least entertaining the idea that a ginseng or S-curve ficus could be a suitable piece of material for bonsai.
I recently wrote a piece (here) that shows what type of growth one could get out of this material.
Most people enjoyed it but two people in particular did not. I don’t think these two ever read the post past the title or they would have seen the difference between the raw material and what a little growing out can do.
One curmudgeon is from the US and has been in the bonsai community for many years. He’s at the point (after being involved in the many clubs and organizations around the world) where his life experiences dictates what advice or techniques he might share with a novice or intermediate.
The other bonsai-ist has been practicing…

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