My little Ginseng Tree – and what it stands for


I always wanted to have a tiny tree as soon as I heard of the Bonsai Trees. I thought i could have some nature at home. A tree that’s all mine. I will take care of it and love it and it will be my piece of nature no one can destroy.

I started to study these trees a lot and found out that most of the bonsai trees are actually ginseng trees.  It actually belongs to the fig tree-> it’s another species of the Fig Tree. And the Name Bon-Sai is the Japanese word for the word tree in a pot. 

I bought one and they are easy to handle as well. Just water them and keep them in a bright place but make sure it’s not in direct sunlight…. that’s all. The perfect Bonsai tree for beginners, If you put the Ginseng tree in a bigger pot it…

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