Shohin Japanese White Pine

Bonsai Eejit

Yes, I know, I’ve been very slack with my posting on the blog of late. A very busy period in my life with business, personal and bonsai elements going full tilt. I am hoping to have a quiet few months coming up and look forward to having more time for my own bonsai and pushing forward with my own education in this wonderful art.

I have still been taking photos and I’ll try and get a few more out over the coming weeks.

I’ve been up to my eyes in the prep required for Bonsai 30, the biggest Bonsai event Ireland has seen so far and have been prepping a number of trees for the exhibit. I would rather leave most of them until the event before sharing here though.

However, here’s a little Pine that was gifted to me by my friend Mariusz. It will be getting a new pot…

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Hear and see the other side of bird photography next week

Hermanus Bird Club

What goes on behind the camera is not often shown and told at bird club presentations. Usually the audience just sees the end result in the form of beautiful bird images.

At this month’s club meeting, next week, Gavin Turner will do a presentation on the special requirements of bird photography. He will talk about single lens reflection (SLR) and point-and-shoot cameras, for the benefit of both enthusiasts and casual bird photographers.

Gavin and his wife, Cynthia, are both keen and experienced birders and photographers. He has put his talk together after their recent trip to New Zealand.

The meeting, in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve Hall on Wednesday 14 September, begins at 18:00. Wine will be available before the meeting. It will not be sold, but donations are welcome to cover costs.

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Thuga Occidentalis Maintenance

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

It’s been 4 months since I re-potted my Thuga Occidentalis and today it was in need of some seasonal care. This is how it looks today after some cleaning and pruning and a fresh coat of lime sulphur on the deadwood. Still needs more growth on the lower branches but it’s getting closer to how I would like it to look.


Its’ come a long way and been through several transitions since I collected it from my garden in 2004.







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Susquehanna Bonsai Club – Bjorn Bjurholm and Frank Mihalic

Susquehanna Bonsai Club


MAY 6, 2016 

It is a unique experience to see three world-class bonsai artists demonstrating at the same time. All three came to bonsai in different ways.

About these guys:

Frank Mihalic, a second generation American bonsai artist had his father, Tony Mihalic who is known for his forest and rock plantings (Saikei), as his first instructor. Wildwood Gardens started by Tony has been cultivating bonsai for 70 years. Go to to learn more about the nursery and Frank’s career in bonsai and bonsai jewelry.

Bjorn Bjorholmbegan his career as an apprentice of Japanese bonsai master Keiichi Fujikawa. Bjorn spent nearly six years working at Mr. Fujikawa’s nursery, Kouka-en located in Ikeda City just north of Osaka. To learn more about Bjorn’s bonsai and his tour schedule go to his website at

Jim Doyle

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