Bone Sai not Tanuki


February 2015, I collected several common (Tam) junipers from a landscape project.  Some didn’t make it and some made it.   Some of the junipers had beautiful trunk movement and “bones” while some was just practically a stick with green on top.   This post is what I did with a tree with a nice trunk but did not survived the move with another tree with less interesting trunk but survived and thriving.

February 2016, I took the dead trunk and combined it with the live trunk in one pot.  My goal was not to make a Phoenix graph or “Tanuki” but rather to make it appear that all the trunks came from the same root system.   I was able to wrap the live tree around the dead trunk as if they were meant to be twisted together.    I used duct tape and wires to hold it together.   I fertilized it heavily…

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