Confusion Over Fall Repotting-

Michael Hagedorn

I’ve noticed over the years a lot of puzzlement over the correct time to repot. Much of the confusion stems from placing too much weight on the exceptions to spring repotting. There’s a simple way of looking at it that might help decide when to repot.

ron-pulls-a-mandrake Ron pulls up a mandrake

When we repot, the tree is essentially given the signal, ‘Hey, it’s spring, let’s grow!’ Not necessarily on top…a tree repotted in fall doesn’t often grow on top. But the roots are often as active as if it were spring, because the tree is trying to regrow what was cut off. Then winter comes. And if we’re in the north, blasts of freezing weather can obliterate that tender root system, and kill the tree.

In general, only repot in the springtime.

If you must repot in the fall, do it only if you have protection from freezing weather, such as…

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