A demo tree I just couldn’t give up

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There I was, day two, enjoying the sweltering afternoon sun at the Brevard Zoo, hanging with my peeps at their annual showing at the zoo, trying to sell trees and keep cool, when Reggie asks, “Hey, where’s Rob? He’s supposed to be doing a demo right now.” Well, this is what Rob was doing:He posted that on his Facebook about a half hour before he was to go on. Rob is very creative and he’s been pushing the envelope as far as bonsai display is concerned. You’ll remember his display from the two blogposts I wrote on the 2015 Winter Silhouette show (HereandHere). His display at the zoo this weekend was no less creative, it featured a forced perspective shadow box.

That’s an elm in there and he built/painted everything else. Pretty cool. I believe it will be on display at the 2016 Winter Silhouette…

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Bird Photography – Part 1

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Bird Photography – Part 1

By Robbie Aspeling

As an avid birder the chances are that at some point you’ve been captivated by a bird photograph in some sort of publication or on the WEB and have considered yourself being there taking the photo. The thought may have crossed your mind that “Bird photography is for specialists” or “you need such expensive equipment” or that you would never be able to do it. Well the good news is that with the development of cameras and camera technology that it is much easier and cheaper to take decent bird photographs today than ever before.

Pied Kingfisher and meal.

Your reason for taking photographs of birds might be for purely record shots so that after a morning out you are able to sit back in the comfort of your own home and either relive the sightings you saw or maybe to identify that lifer that you…

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Bird Photography – Part Two

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Bird Photography


In my previous article I discussed different types of cameras that we can use for bird photography. As a recap, the 3 different categories are the Compacts, the Bridge Cameras and then the DSLR’s.

Compact cameras are of little or no real use for bird photography leaving us with really with only 2 feasible options. The Bridge camera is sort of a hybrid between a point and shoot and a DSLR. It has features of both categories but for birders, the important things are that they can be used in automatic and semi-automatic modes as well as in manual modes. Your progression through the different modes can be at your own pace and expertise leaving you a great flexibility in your photography.

The weight of the bridge camera can be a deciding factor for many birders. We often spend a lot of the time out in the field…

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An Update on my Air Layers

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Here’s an update on some of the air layers I’ve been working on over the past 12 months.

This Acer Shiraswanum was layered last year in early summer, which caused it to display autumn colour very early.


It was separated from the rootstock in the Spring of this year an secured into a large plastic pot for stability and further root development


The new leaves this year are looking good and behaving normally but it hasn’t put on any new extension growth yet. I will probably give it another year in this pot before transferring it to a training pot.


This hawthorn  was started  a couple of years ago.


When it was severed from the parent plant, there were not that many roots on the layer and most of these were on one side of the tree


It was planted into this training pot to allow the roots time to develop…

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