WORLD SHOREBIRD DAY September 6 2016.

World Shorebirds Day September 6 –

39th MidAmerican Bonsai Exhibition – Bests of Show.

Only 15 Days Until The Finest Exhibition Of Bonsai In The United States

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


Plans are finalizing to display over 300 bonsai in the 2016 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition on September 10-11, 2016, in Rochester, New York. We have truck loads of fine bonsai from the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area of California, Texas and Florida. They will all be carefully transported to Rochester where each specimen will be formally shown, a few in unconventional innovative displays. We will have bonsai displayed by 148 exhibitors from 34 states and two provinces from Canada. Additionally, ten botanic garden collections will display 30 bonsai. Over 100 different species and cultivars will be on display.


Our soccer field size vendor area is FULL of the finest vendors across the country in addition to a few from Japan, Sweden and Canada. You will be able to find young seedlings to masterpiece bonsai, plus all the equipment to create and appreciate your bonsai.


Our judge from Japan, Minoru…

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Willow Leaf Fig’s Wild Ride

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I made a stop at a friends house after a soil program I presented to the Bonsai Society of Brevard (a PowerPoint program based onThis Post. I was literally dishing the dirt on bonsai culture…hyuk hyuk). He’s trying to raise money for a mission trip and asked if I was interested in some trees. He has some quality material and I wish I had had more money to help him out, but I was able to pick up some fantastic material. One of those trees is this wild willow leaf ficus.

When I said wild, I meant it. It’s busting out of the pot. Here’s a contrast, side by side, with one of my trees.

My friend, who goes by the name of Donnie (it may be an alias, he seems like the spy type to me, or a superhero) had come upon the realization that he wants…

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Photo Gallery of Visit to Japan-

michael hagedorn

This month I took a brief trip to Japan…

…I was at my teacher’s place in Obuse, Nagano for most of the time, so many of these photos are from his garden…the rest are of the village of Obuse…the surrounding mountains…and there are one or two shots from Tokyo, where I found a bag and luggage museum, off all things. Plenty of amazing national museums around and I go to a luggage museum. Well. One is only as odd as one’s decisions.


IMG_3517 All throughout my apprenticeship I squinted up at this nearby mountain, and could barely make out a small structure up there. On my days off I never had the energy to go up and find out what kind of building it was. Until this trip…

IMG_3521 Looking from the top of that mountain down on the town of Obuse, to the left, where I studied.

IMG_3737 The luggage museum…

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Summertime Fun – Developing a Tanuki


I have not written much but that doesn’t mean it has been a quiet time. Along the way there have been many trees re-potted and styled. I have to document some of that journey for the site soon.

This week I am on a very specific journey. I am preparing for a demonstration for SBBK in San Mateo, CA. They requested someone demonstrate the creation of the the Phoenix graft or Tanuki. This is not a demo we see much here. I completed all the researching on past and present philosophy of its creation and whether your are of the school that they are not true bonsai or not some can be created very  convincingly.  I wrote on article on the philosophy in the most recent release of GSBF Golden Statements, Nebari Net, that takes on the controversy.

DSC_0003 Marking a clear path to follow for the carving tools. This…

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