Ficus Microcarpa Progression



I picked this one up at a local nursery in Wollongong. It had really really nice natural taper and some branches to work with. The soil in the pot above was almost like mud. No good.

First I re potted it into a new blue pot. It’s about the size of my fist. I potted straight into this pot as I was happy with the trunk size/shape and wanted to refine the canopy more than anything else. At this point i’m starting to learn a little 😉 This was back in August 2015.


Next thing to do was wire those branches into shape and give it a good trim.


This is the same tree 😉 one week later. I follow the moon cycles when doing ANY bonsai work and have found that what they say holds true. A waxing moon is good for top growth and a waning moon is…

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