Ficus Microcarpa Progression



I picked this one up at a local nursery in Wollongong. It had really really nice natural taper and some branches to work with. The soil in the pot above was almost like mud. No good.

First I re potted it into a new blue pot. It’s about the size of my fist. I potted straight into this pot as I was happy with the trunk size/shape and wanted to refine the canopy more than anything else. At this point i’m starting to learn a little 😉 This was back in August 2015.


Next thing to do was wire those branches into shape and give it a good trim.


This is the same tree 😉 one week later. I follow the moon cycles when doing ANY bonsai work and have found that what they say holds true. A waxing moon is good for top growth and a waning moon is…

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Making a Root on Rock Style Ficus


Making a bonsai grow its roots over a rock is sometimes a good way to introduce style and creativity to a tree. It can take anywhere from a year to two to do this technique and can be done with young or old trees. Any rock or material can be used to grow the tree on, as long as it is porous or complex enough for the roots to wrap around and get a good hold.

Here is a ficus microcarpa my Grandma gave to me after she found it in her church yard. It had very little roots and took ages to become established again. This is in early 2015 when I didn’t know too much about soil and thus was keeping this one in poorly drained high organic material.


January 2016. Here it is after a re pot sometime in 2015 and some better care. It’s even growing…

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Bonsai Japan

Bonsai Kas: Bonsai, drawings, scale models and more

So well then you finally go to Japan like you dreamt about for the majority of your mature life. Obviously seeing bonsai and gardens is a big part. Me, being the retard I am, off course had to go to Omiya on the ONE day in the week everything is closed there. I could hit myself. So what is left then?

20150813_143851A nice little temple with ants that tried to eat me.

20150813_155156Bonsai-themed manhole covers.

20150813_143142World class Bonsai standing in the street completely unguarded.

20150813_154931One nursery my very bold girlfriend talked us into, me being way to modest (I prefer Japanised) to be so blunt myself, and being so retarded (again) to completely forget remembering his name. He was a famous one too even! Saw quite a few “important bonsai masterpiece” tags. Yes I’m still hitting myself, trust me.

20150813_154215An absolutely unreal Nebari on this trident Maple.

20150813_153336Not just one, hundreds. All in…

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