Shorebirds in pictures

Cape Sable Birding

Sat watching the rain running down the window panes, heavy blatter by the Rain Gods scale (see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy triology, book four I think), I started to look through my shorebird photos from Nova Scotia, all taken in 2015. I do this from time to time so that I can make a mental note of what I’d like to have a better photo of, a mental note that I then lose along with shopping instructions and turning off the heater in the bathroom after a shower.

After perusal, I thought to stick them here, and why not, when those virtually unbirdable wet days come along we have to amuse ourselves somehow. Then, I thought, why not expand it to include all the shorebirds you’ve seen and photographed in North America, so I did and here it is. This post is obviously more for those who just like…

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