Willow Leaf Fig’s Wild Ride

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I made a stop at a friends house after a soil program I presented to the Bonsai Society of Brevard (a PowerPoint program based onThis Post. I was literally dishing the dirt on bonsai culture…hyuk hyuk). He’s trying to raise money for a mission trip and asked if I was interested in some trees. He has some quality material and I wish I had had more money to help him out, but I was able to pick up some fantastic material. One of those trees is this wild willow leaf ficus.

When I said wild, I meant it. It’s busting out of the pot. Here’s a contrast, side by side, with one of my trees.

My friend, who goes by the name of Donnie (it may be an alias, he seems like the spy type to me, or a superhero) had come upon the realization that he wants…

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