Photo Gallery of Visit to Japan-

Michael Hagedorn

This month I took a brief trip to Japan…

…I was at my teacher’s place in Obuse, Nagano for most of the time, so many of these photos are from his garden…the rest are of the village of Obuse…the surrounding mountains…and there are one or two shots from Tokyo, where I found a bag and luggage museum, off all things. Plenty of amazing national museums around and I go to a luggage museum. Well. One is only as odd as one’s decisions.


IMG_3517 All throughout my apprenticeship I squinted up at this nearby mountain, and could barely make out a small structure up there. On my days off I never had the energy to go up and find out what kind of building it was. Until this trip…

IMG_3521 Looking from the top of that mountain down on the town of Obuse, to the left, where I studied.

IMG_3737 The luggage museum…

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Summertime Fun – Developing a Tanuki


I have not written much but that doesn’t mean it has been a quiet time. Along the way there have been many trees re-potted and styled. I have to document some of that journey for the site soon.

This week I am on a very specific journey. I am preparing for a demonstration for SBBK in San Mateo, CA. They requested someone demonstrate the creation of the the Phoenix graft or Tanuki. This is not a demo we see much here. I completed all the researching on past and present philosophy of its creation and whether your are of the school that they are not true bonsai or not some can be created very  convincingly.  I wrote on article on the philosophy in the most recent release of GSBF Golden Statements, Nebari Net, that takes on the controversy.

DSC_0003 Marking a clear path to follow for the carving tools. This…

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The cracked-pot soliloquy or, “Do ya’ have concrete between your ears?” 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I know, I promised you a rose garden, ummm…sorry..I mean… a buttonwood post as the next post, but we here at Adam’s Art and Bonsai (Adamaskwhy Entertainments Inc.) have decided that it might be time to branch out into the various other online media available to a creative and ambitious soul. I’m thinking online classes, virtual stylings, Skype or FaceTime sessions et al…the first step in this endeavor will be the production of a YouTube video or three. And we think the subject of buttonwood bonsai might be a good place to begin, so I’m saving it for that. Stay tuned, “Coming Soon!”, as they say.

Anyway, the subject of today’s blog will be just as riveting as the buttonwood I have for the video. Some cool Brazilian Raintrees for your consideration.

You’ve seen them all before in various blogposts.
The above one was a carving and styling session.


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