Meeting Report on 7 June 2016

Not so many members attended after a stifling day weatherwise, and assume the heat had made people too tired to turn out or perhaps already enjoying holidays somewhere even hotter.  However, 12 of us assembled and after dealing with an outstanding AGM matter, a number of notices were given and several handouts distributed for members information.
Joan was thanked for her efforts in getting a Club article published in the Thurmaston Times, a local community newspaper, and for poster displayed in a large supermarket.  The additional publicity to attract further members was appreciated and copies of the newspaper were distributed at meeting.  Mike also mentioned that he had been able to get several posters displayed in shops near him.  More posters for display or handing out to interested parties are available from Carol, Trevor or Olly.
A new bonsai supplier in our area has been discovered by Carol.  Discount for…

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Club Meeting Report 2 August 2016

With apologies for lateness – had a few problems getting this completed.
What a fabulous meeting we had with guest speaker Malcolm Hughes, Chairman of FOBBS, who gve a slide presentation followed by practical demonstrations on how to set up a bonsai display stand to advantage with material brought to the meeting.  It was a very full turnout as all eagerly listened on every word.  Involved with bonsai since 1978, Malcolm said there were few Masters in England then, mentioning Dan Barton, Harry Tomlinson as examples. The interest has grown to such an extent in the West that Japan is now reluctant to export premier grade trees out of the country and at very best we have to accept 2nd grade imports.  However, we now have the expertise here of those who can transform available material into magnificent specimens. Malcolm has been a bonsai judge for many years through FOBBS…

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Old Ones and New Ones

Michael Coopers Studio

Wisteria 2I just didn’t think that I would be able to creep this big Wisteria bonsai into the garden without my Sue noticing and I was right.”Good Lord what’s that on the wall ? she asked as soon as she saw it, but bless her, she soon imagined what it would be like when covered with great cascades of flowers hanging down in the spring. I am a very lucky chap to have such an understanding  partner but I wouldn’t be surprise if she doesn’t want it outside her widow in the front to make a good display before her collection of Agapanthus come into bloom next summer.IMG_20160727_143020

You may notice that the front garden has big pots with big plants whilst the back is mainly little pots with little trees.

Another recent addition has been the Mulberry which Sue gave me as well as the Kashima Acer for our Golden Wedding…

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