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Oh yeah, there’s a tree in there somewhere.

There it is.That’s a chunk o’ wood.

The side.

The back.Definitely the back. If you’re on Instagram, here’s a Short Videofor your perusement, hey, I just invented a word. Amusement+peruse. Perusement. Pronounce it pear-uze-meant. Uh huh, I’m just like Shakespeare, fakin’ it until I be makin’ it. Sorry. Bit of megalomania. Must be the hops!

I’m not a hoppy kind of guy. My head is spinning. Seems like a good time to start carving. The tree is a collected Bougainvillea belonging to a client.

I think it might be a purple. Not sure though. Might be a plain red.All I know is that those are some mean thorns.

I’m going to point at some places that need carving. That seems like the thing to do.

Aw, hell, I’m going to, in the parlance of the trade, carve the…

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