Port Jackson Fig Yamadori


Near my house lies a small mountain that is filled with wild Ficus Microcarpa Var. Port Jackson. I had been keeping my eye on a few low lying figs in the area that may have had branches low enough to sprout roots and be collected for bonsai.
When I went to check it out I was lucky enough to find this beauty! A nice thick trunked root that had grown up its own branches last season. With a shovel, a saw and some clippers I got it out and took it home, ready to wrangle into as small a pot as I could.


Most of the roots were already gone so there was no prior root work to do. I just had to keep cutting back the thicker legs until it finally fit into this nice turquoise vessel. Underneath it is some mesh over the drainage holes, some light gravel…

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Zen and the Art of hedge Maintenance ?

Muck, Line and Thinker

“Router bits?”

This is my mother.

“What are they? What are you going to do with them?”

Something I had actually been wondering myself. They were a bargain (honestly) at the local Aldi – or so I impulsively thought, having visions of, of … well routing … obviously. They were just glittering and sparkling like something a little arcane from Abanazar’s cave.

Image result for router bit set aldi

“You? You’re not in the least bit practical minded!”

This is the kind of encouragement guaranteed to give your off spring confidence, build their self-esteem. More please.

In truth I have always been a fix things together with a straightened nine inch nail hit home with a rounded stone kind of craftsman ( the Palaeolithic type I guess, though it never caught on).

But having moved large amounts of brash and transported barrows full of nutrient exhausted, but very fine soil in the process of renewing/saving/repairing a hedge…

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