More Work on a Cotoneaster

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I have been developing this small tree for several years now and it still has quite a way to go before I can consider it finished. It is one of 2 trees that I managed to create from an old stump collected from my garden some years ago. The early work on these trees can be found in this older post.

It was due for a re-pot so I decided to use the opportunity to remove an aerial root, which had been  acting as the main lifeline for the tree in the early days until the weaker roots at the base of the trunk were strong enough to take over. The roots at the base of the trunk have had 2 years to develop and the complete rootball is now filling the pot. The aerial root was severed using knob cutters. To limit the stress to the tree, no attempt has been made to disentangle…

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