Refinement carving on a buttonwood 

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This’ll be a quick look at a client’s buttonwood and how I try to match new carving to old deadwood. Not easy but you can get close.

Here’s the buttonwood, ready for work.

It’s a little green, I know. The deadwood, I mean. The leaves shouldbe green. Unless it’s a silver buttonwood. Then the leaves are a kinda silvery green. But I digress.

Some alcohol or a coating of lime sulphur cures the green. It’s just algae.

A wire brush too. I’ll leave that to Judy, the owner. I’m here to carve.

Pretty elaborate deadwood. It’ll be a challenge to match.

The backside, which used to be the front.

This area is where I need to focus.It’s a bit chunky and plain.There was probably a longer Jin or branch that someone broke off and whittled down with Jin pliers (or their teeth). That’s how deadwood treatment is…

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